Sickle SCAN®

Sickle SCAN® is a multiplexed qualitative point-of-care immunoassay used for the rapid diagnosis of sickle cell disorders. The test is made up of three indicators which detect the presence of haemoglobins A, S, and C, allowing the user to rapidly distinguish between normal, carrier, and sickle cell samples

The test can be used for:

  • Newborn screening
  • Premarital/preconception genetic counseling
  • Blood donor screening
  • General screening

Rapid and Easy Testing

The test can be completed in under 5 minutes giving real time results. It uses a small amount of whole blood from a fingerstick, heelstick, or venipuncture.
Compared to traditional central lab testing, Sickle SCAN® :

  • Eliminates the need to transport samples
  • Streamlines the clinical work flow
  • Does not need supporting equipment or rigorous training
  • Drastically reduces patient waiting time and discomfort


Sickle SCAN® is a rapid, qualitative lateral flow immunoassay kit for the identification of sickle cell disorder of haemoglobins A, S, and C. A small amount of blood, five microliters, is taken by fingerprick, heelstick, or venipuncture using the provided Capillary Sampler. The Sampler is placed into the buffered loaded PreTreatment Module to release haemoglobin by lysing erthyrocytes. Three drops of the treated sample are dropped from the PreTreatment Module and added to the sample inlet of the Sickle SCAN® cartridge. Results are can be read within five minutes. The presence of haemoglobin variants A, S, and C will be indicated by blue lines in their designated regions.

Possible Sickle SCAN Test Readings

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