Ceveron® 100 Series Fully Automated Coagulation Analysers

Simultaneous measurement of five technologies.
Up to five technologies clotting, chromogenic, turbidimetric, thrombin generation and quenching can be run at the same time

High precision and flexibility
  • Rerun and reflex testing in combination with very low cv in routine and speciality testing, guarantee secure results for perfect diagnostics.
  • Having a minimal patient and reagent dead volume, adult´s and children´s samples can be run without any differentiation.
  • Due to the workflow of Ceveron® 100 series an exact incubation time on each measurement is guarantee
Complete QC monitoring
  • Westguard Rules
  • Laboratory specific confidence range
  • 3s range
  • Lifetime of validation adjustable

The first fully automated instrument series where you can combine classic haemostasis diagnostics with Thrombin Generation, Factor XIII activity and ADAMTS13 activity
Ceveron 100 series:

  • Ceveron c100: running clotting, chromogenic and turbidimetric assays
  • Ceveron t100: running all assay types and TGA
  • Ceveron s100 with quenching module able to perform automated FXIII activity and ADAMTS13 activity


  • Simultaneous measurement of clotting, chromogenic, turbidimetric and fluorometric tests possible
  • Short initiation time (30 sec)
  • Exact walk-away timer
  • Extremely quiet
  • Automatic self-check
  • Transparent shield
  • Automatic pre-dilution, dilution and re-dilution
  • Complete traceability of samples
Fast, accurate and minimised maintenance time
  • With a throughput of 75 PT/hour, a TGA result below 20 minutes and an ADAMTS13 activity result within 25 minutes, Ceveron® 100 series instruments are the perfect solution for fast and precise diagnostic of patients.
  • Ceveron® 100 series is ready to use within 5 minutes after switching on the instrument.
  • No daily maintenance needed. Just 15 minutes once per week

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