Quick Gel

Quality on a Smaller Scale – that’s what the QuickGel system is all about.

QuickGel electrophoresis products are compact and easy-to-use, allowing cost-effective manual separation without sacrificing quality or accuracy. QuickGel kits are designed for running up to 10 samples per run with the new stand-alone QuickGel Chamber. Some assays allow purchase of additional applicators to accommodate up to 20 samples per gel. For small runs on the automated SPIFE system, we recommend the SPIFE QuickGel kits. Like all of Helena’s premium agarose gels, buffer ridges are built in for ease of use. Separations are crisp and clear.

QuickGel Chamber

The QuickGel Chamber features a cooled electrophoresis platen and built-in carbon electrodes. The cooled platen prevents protein degradation and provides crisp separations. Just set a QuickGel in place and close the lid to begin electrophoresis.
The QuickGel Chamber also serves as a dryer by simply changing out the lid and has a tiny 8.5″ x 10.5″ footprint.

QuickGel Assays

  • Cholesterol Profile
  • CK and LD Isoenzymes
  • Acid and Alkaline Haemoglobins
  • Immunofixation
  • Proteins
  • Lipoprotein