TITAN Gel Agarose & Cellulose Acetate Electrophoresis

TITAN Gel Chamber

The TITAN GEL Chamber is for Titan III cellulose acetate, TITAN GEL Agarose, Titan IV citrate agar and IEP gels. Disposable paper wicks or sponges allow use with electrophoresis media supported by a rigid, flat base up to 6″ x 9″. Unique interlock system breaks electrical circuit when chamber lid is removed.

TITAN Gel Agarose

  • Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes
  • CK Isoenzymes
  • High Resolution Proteins
  • Immunofixation
  • Immunoelectrophoresis
  • LD Isoenzymes
  • Proteins

For more information : http://www.helena.com/titangel.html