Dagatron Auto Stainers

The DAGATRON Auto Stainer provides fast and easy staining process by automated system control. This new innovated stainer features advanced functions and performances over manual staining or automated dip-type stainers, include simplicity and convenience


  • No cross-contamination in all of process
  • Reduction in labour costs
  • Heating system to fix sputum smear on a slide automatically.
  • Self cleaning system to clean tray and Staining nozzles
  • Checking and Warning for lower level of reagents
  • Minimize personal variation during AFB staining

Single Auto Stainer


  • AT2000Z AFB Auto Stainer (Ziehl-Neelsen)‏
  • AT2000K AFB Auto Stainer (Kinyoun)‏
  • AT2000F AFB Auto Stainer (Fluorochrome)‏
  • AT2000G GRAM Auto Stainer
  • AT2000H Haematology Auto Stainer

Multi and Dual Stainer


  • AT-3001 AFB Multi Stainer ((Ziehl-Neelsen, Fluorescence, Kinyoun)
  • AT-3002 GRAM/AFB Dual stainer(GRAM, Ziehl-Neelsen)
  • AT-3003 GRAM/AFB Dual Stainer (GRAM, Fluorescence)
  • AT-3004 GRAM/MGG Dual Stainer (GRAM, MGG or GRAM, Wright)

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