ECAT Foundation, Netherlands


The objective of the ECAT Foundation is to provide an international External Quality Assessment Programme (EQAP) for laboratories working in the field of haemostasis and thrombosis


Laboratories participating in the EQAP of the ECAT receive freeze-dried plasmas on a regular basis – 4 times a year (unless otherwise mentioned). They are asked to perform assays using methods routinely used in their laboratory. The report shows each participating laboratory how their results compare with those of other participants. These are differentiated according to methodology subgroups as far as possible.


With each survey participants receive instructions on the storage and the reconstitution of each type of plasma sample.

Download Survey Schedule 2020


The plasma samples are lyophilised human blood plasma samples. Each survey contains abnormal and/or normal plasmas. The samples are safely packed by the ECAT Foundation and distributed to participating laboratories by postal service. The ECAT Foundation retains information on the stability and virological testing of each plasma sample.
The DGKL (German Society for Clinical Chemistry) is responsible for the distribution and quality of the samples of the molecular biology modules

Return of results

Results can be returned via internet, fax or postal service. The deadline is usually 4 to 5 weeks after dispatch of the samples. In order to improve the availability of reports, use of internet is strongly recommended.

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