ESH Touch

ESH Touch Features

Electrophoresis Sample Handler

– User-friendly touch screen interface
– Primary tube sampling with liquid level sensor
– Barcode reader with LIS interface for positive ID
– 100-sample capacity
– Flexible dilutions, i.e. per sample
– Smaller footprint
– 50% faster sample tray preparation
– Improved level and tube detection
– Quieter operation

The next generation of Electrophoresis Sample Handler is now available as part of Helena’s integrated solution for high volume electrophoresis workloads.
Like its predecessor, ESH Touch provides automated front-end specimen processing for the SPIFE Touch with positive patient ID and interface to QuickScan Touch or LIS – but in a smaller, faster, quieter, more flexible and user-friendly package.
ESH Touch transfers samples directly from primary patient tubes to barcoded sample trays, ready for application to agarose gels by the SPIFE Touch. The expanded 100-sample capacity accommodates the largest SPIFE Touch gels, and the touch-screen interface makes the system easy to use, including specific dilution schemes for each sample.

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