Cascade Abrazo Haemostasis Analyser

The Cascade Abrazo is a premier analyzer offering excellent reproducibility and strong data handling features. The card based tests require just a single drop of blood to provide prompt results using a sophisticated combination of electromagnet, photodetector and software algorithms.
The Cascade Abrazo meets all the requirements for Point of Care testing including user ID, patient ID, result storage, built in barcode scanner for error-free data handling backed up by easy-to-use electronic and biological QC.

Cascade Abrazo’s accurate Activated Clotting Time (ACT) testing is essential for monitoring heparin therapy during cardiac procedures. Cascade Abrazo instruments and test cards provide the sensitivity, reliability and rapidity needed for timely treatment decisions at the point of care – in the catheterization lab or the surgical suite.
The Cascade Abrazo also offers the opportunity to perform PT/INR and aPTT testing with the relevant test cards. Further coagulation tests are in development to make Cascade Abrazo the most comprehensive coagulation management system available

  • Touchscreen Easy to use, step-by-step interface
  • Handheld Ergonomic and lightweight
  • Portable Internal battery; Easily stored reagent cards
  • Connected Administrative software, 2D barcode reader
  • Controlled QC and operator lockout
  • Accurate Assayed controls and electronic QC
  • Fast Results in minutes
  • Continuous Count up of c-ACT and c-ACT-LR results
Select Test
Scan Barcode
Add Sample


c-ACT Activated Clotting Time (fresh whole blood), c-ACT-LR Low Range Activated Clotting Time (fresh whole blood), PT-WB Prothrombin Time (fresh whole blood), PT-C Prothombin Time (citrated whole blood or plasma) , aPTT Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (citrated whole blood or plasma

Sample Volume

Whole blood 35 µL
Plasma 35 µL