Helena Plateletworks

Plateletworks Advantages

  • Uses traditional ADP, Collagen and Arachidonic Acid agonists
  • Fast results with functional platelet count plus aggregation/inhibition % activity
  • Reduces unnecessary platelet usage
  • Detects effects of anti-platelet therapies
  • Excellent pre-surgical and trauma screen

Plateletworks effectively determines functional platelet count and true platelet aggregation or inhibition using traditional ADP, Collagen or Arachidonic Acid agonists. All that’s needed is an impedance cell counter and Plateletworks reagent tubes. Just add whole blood to a baseline and agonist tube(s), perform cell counts on each tube, and calculate the final results. It’s that simple with reportable results in less than 10 minutes.


Simply add 1 mL fresh whole blood to agonist and baseline tubes.


Perform cell count on each tube using any impedance cell counter.


Functional platelet count plus % aggregation/inhibition are available in just minute

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