Helena MAX-ACT™ and C-ACT tubes

For Veterinary Applications
The activated coagulation time (ACT) is a rapid, simple and inexpensive in-house test that provides an in-vitro estimation of your animal’s coagulation status.The ACT assesses the time for a fibrin clot to form in fresh whole blood, after contact activation of factor XII. In particular, ACT measurement can be useful for the diagnoses of snake bites in domestic & rural animals.

MAX-ACT™ Tubes

Ordering : MAX-ACT Tubes
(Gray Flip-Top), 50 tubes/box

MAX-ACT Tubes, with an upper linearity limit of 6 units of heparin per mL of blood, are ideal for monitoring patients receiving moderate to high heparin dosages. For maximum heparin specificity, MAX-ACT contains multiple particulate activators – kaolin, celite, and glass beads – that ensure maximal Factor XII activation and compensate for potential patient sensitivity to a single activator. To perform test, simply add 0.5 cc of whole blood to the MAX-ACT tube, mix and insert into the Actalyke. Results are displayed in seconds. Store tubes at room temperature.

Celite ACT Tubes

Ordering : C-ACT Tubes
(Black Flip-Top), 50 tubes/box

C-ACT Tubes contain a celite (diatomaceous earth) activator and can be used to monitor patients undergoing procedures requiring administration of moderate to high heparin concentrations. Perform testing by adding 2.0 cc of whole blood to the tube, mix, and insert tube into the Actalyke. Store Celite ACT tubes at room temperature.