Coagulation testing at the point of care just got a lot easier! Abrazo is a handheld, point of care hemostasis analyzer with an intuitive touchscreen interface, built-in barcode reader and an easy-to-use reagent platform. Abrazo PT-WB is ideal for fast and effective monitoring of warfarin therapy. The Abrazo c-ACT is intended for monitoring the effects of heparin. Other routine hemostasis and esoteric assays are in development.

Abrazo2Touchscreen Easy to use, step-by-step interface

Handheld Ergonomic and lightweight

Portable Internal battery; Easily stored reagent cards

Connected Administrative software, 2D barcode reader

Controlled QC and operator lockout

Accurate Assayed controls and electronic QC

Fast Results in minutes


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Abrazo Analyzer and Assays

Cat. No Item
5710 Cascade Abrazo Analyzer - Export (110/230V)
5712 Cascade Abrazo Docking Station
5713 Cascade Abrazo Replacement Batteries
5716 Cascade Abrazo Admin Software - Export
5701 Cascade Abrazo c-ACT-LR Assay
5718 35 µL Micropipette for Abrazo & Cascade POC
5720 Cascade Abrazo PT-WB Assay (50/pkg)
5727 Cascade Abrazo c-ACT-LR Control Level 1 (10/pkg)
5728 Cascade Abrazo c-ACT-LR Control Level 2 (10/pkg)
5737 Cascade Abrazo c-ACT Level 1 Control (10/pkg)
5739 Cascade Abrazo PT-WB Level 1 Control (10/pkg)
5740 Cascade Abrazo PT-WB Level 2 Control (10/pkg)
5741 Cascade Abrazo PT-C Level 1 Control (10/pkg)
5742 Cascade Abrazo PT-C Level 2 Control (10/pkg)
5743 Cascade Abrazo aPPT Level 1 Control (10/pkg)
5744 Cascade Abrazo aPPT Level 2 Control (10/pkg)
5724 Cascade Abrazo c-ACT Assay (50/pkg)
5738 Cascade Abrazo c-ACT Level 2 Control (10/pkg)
5848 Cascade Abrazo Electronic QC Card (EQC) (1/pkg)

Click here for Cascade ABRAZO package inserts and MSDS:  http://www.helena.com/productnotice2.html


AbrazoDownloadBrochureWidth: 89 mm (3.5 in)
Height: 86 mm (3.4 in)
Length: 215 mm (8.5 in)
Weight: 0.8 kg (1.65 lb)

Internal Battery Type: 2 rechargeable 3.7 VDC 3000 mAh batteries
External Power Supply: Input: 100 - 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 25 Watts max, 5 AMP
Output: 5.0 V DC

Temperature Regulation: 37 +/- 0.3ºC (98.6 +/- 0.5ºF)
Storage Temperature: 15 - 32ºC (59 - 89.6ºF)
Humidity: 10 - 90%, non-condensing

Operating Temperature: 15 - 32ºC (59 - 89.6ºF)
Relative Humidity: 10 - 90%
Altitude: 2000 meters

Shipping Temperature: -9 - 60ºC (15 - 140ºF)
Altitude 4269 meters
Installation Category II

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