SAS-MX Manual Gel Electrophoresis

SAS-MX gels
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Established around the world for nearly 30 years, SAS-MX is simple and reliable technology matched by an exceptionally wide range of assays, delivering high performance, accuracy and reproducibility. These gels can be run using the TITAN chamber.

Serum Protein 100100SAS-MX SP-10 kit
Serum Protein (Split Beta) 100200SAS-MX SP-10 SB kit
Serum Protein (Hi-Resolution) 101300SAS-MX High Res-7 kit
Immunofixation 100300SAS-MX IFE-1 kit
Urine Protein 100500SAS-MX Urine
Urine Immunofixation 100600SAS-MX Urine IFE-1100601 Gel Kit Only

Alkaline Haemoglobins 100800SAS-MX Alk Hb-10 kit
Acid Haemoglobins 100700SAS-MX Acid Hb-10 kit

Alkaline Phosphatase 102000SAS-MX Alk Phos-10 kit
Creatine Kinase 101800SAS-MX CK VIS kit
Lactate Dehydrogenase 101900SAS-MX LD VIS kit

 Lipoproteins / Cholesterol  
Lipoproteins 101200SAS-MX Lipo-10 kit
HDL 101000SAS-MX HDL Cholesterol-10 kit
Cholesterol 200600SAS-1 Cholesterol Profile-12 kit

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