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V8 (Velocity 8) Automated Capillary Electrophoresis


V8 (Velocity 8) Automated Capillary Electrophoresis

V8 is an eight-channel automated clinical capillary electrophoresis system intended for the preparation, separation and analysis of proteins derived from human samples, such as blood, serum, urine, haemoglobin and cerebrospinal fluid.

Utilising specially designed assays, V8 provides sophisticated diagnostic information for a wide variety of inflammatory conditions and disease states, helping clinicians to monitor and treat patients for effective primary care.

Incorporating the latest technology, V8 is an intelligent analyser with full walk-away automation, multi assay functionality and rapid reflex testing for fast and continuous diagnosis of multiple disease states. The Platinum 4 software has the advantage of being the world’s most advanced software package for automated capillary electrophoresis and provides clinicians a comprehensive set of analytical tools and user-defined options that can meet their needs. For further information click here

006Serum and Urine Proteins
There are three Serum Protein chemistry options available for the V8: SPE, SP6 and SP6 Zoom. This unique family of kits allows the user to select a formulation which best suits their requirements of resolution and throughput. Similarly, there are three V8 Urine Protein preparation buffer kits that allow the user to prepare samples for analysis on the V8.

Following desalting, the V8 is able to analyse urine samples alongside serum, in the same data session, maximising sample throughput. The same buffer chemistry and Immunodisplacement options are available for both analyte types. Desalt urine samples using either gravity columns or centrifugal concentrators.

Samples can be run together in mixed batches and urine proteins quantified and identified alongside serums or in isolation.

The Serum Protein SPE and SP6 Zoom have a throughput of 48 samples per hour and a sensitivity of 0.208 g/L, the enhanced resolution of the SP6 Zoom, providing additional diagnostic information for those requiring it. The SP6 has a throughput of 80 samples per hour and sensitivity of 0.220 g/L and is suitable as a high throughput assay for the rapid screening for monoclonal gammopathies.
All kits are compatible with the universal immunodisplacement immunotyping kit.

The following serum protein kits are available for use on the V8:

Product Code Item
800008 V8 channel Automated Clinical CE System
800200 Serum Protein 6-band Kit
800500 V8 Serum Protein SPE
800800 V8 Serum Protein 6-band Zoom Kit
800410 Urine Prep buffer SP6
800411 Urine Prep buffer SP6 Zoom
800412 Urine Prep buffer SPE
802400 CE trol Normal Control
802500 CE trol Abnormal Control
830100 V8 Storage Buffer
830200 V8 Maintenance Buffer

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True hands free immunotyping
  • On-board antisera for true automation
  • Unsurpassed specificity and sensitivity
  • Full range of antisera available, including free-Κ and free-λ (Bence Jones)
  • High throughput analysis – increased productivity from you

Product Code Item
800300 V8 Immunodisplacement Kit
820500 V8 Free kappa/Lambda Kit
821400 V8 Anti IgD/IgE kit

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008Haemoglobin IEF
The V8 Haemoglobin assay kit utilises Capillary IsoElectric Focussing to both identify and quantify the relative amounts of haemoglobin variants present in a sample.
  • One assay kit to resolve all variant types
  • Excellent resolution
  • Highly automated - low levels of user sample preparation
  • High throughput – 36 samples per hour
Product Code Item
800900 V8 Haemoglobin IEF Kit

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009Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin
Alcohol is the most abused drug in Western society with over 55 million adults drinking harmful levels in the EU alone. Harmful and dependant drinking of alcohol is the 3rd biggest cause of early death and illness and is linked to hazardous social behaviours, such as dangerous driving. The V8 Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin kit separates and quantifies the % disialotransferrin isoform, the primary target molecule for CDT analysis, for the Clinical investigation and monitoring of chronic alcohol use.
  • Separation and quantitation of % disialotransferrin
  • Automated detection and identification of transferrin isoforms
  • Automatic calculation of % disialotransferrin (CDT)
  • CDT values < 1.62% generally considered normal
  • Separation and detection of genetic transferrin variants and congenital disorders of glycosylation (CDG)

Product Code Item
803100 V8 Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin Kit
803300 CDT Normal Control
803400 CDT Abnormal Control

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