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QuickGel electrophoresis products are compact and easy-to-use, allowing cost-effective manual separation without sacrificing quality or accuracy. QuickGel kits are designed for running up to 10 samples per run with the new stand-alone QuickGel Chamber. Some assays allow purchase of additional applicators to accommodate up to 20 samples per gel. For small runs on the automated SPIFE system, we recommend the SPIFE QuickGel kits. Like all of Helena’s premium agarose gels, buffer ridges are built in for ease of use. Separations are crisp and clear.

The QuickGel Chamber provides temperature-controlled electrophoresis, incubation, and drying in a compact 22 x 27cm system. The QuickGel Chamber can be used with most external electrophoresis power supplies. Carbon electrodes are built directly into the chamber lid. With a quick change of the lid, the QuickGel Chamber also serves as an incubator and dryer. No additional equipment or expense is required.

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QuickGel Chamber

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QuickGel Proteins
Split-Beta and Classic 5-Band
image004Over one hundred individual proteins have been identified in serum, each with a specific set of functions and specific variations in concentration under different pathologic conditions. While some customers prefer classic 5-banded separations, others prefer split-beta. Both are available on the QuickGel system, providing crisp, clear separation of the protein fractions. QuickGel Split-Beta gels separate the proteins by the classic electrophoresis zones, albumin, alpha 1, alpha 2, beta and gamma with the proteins migrating in the beta region split into two fractions, Beta 1 and Beta 2, between transferrin and C3 complement. In some instances, this may allow easier detection of small beta-migrating monoclonal gammopathies. QuickGel SPE proteins kits are packaged for use with serum; additional supplies and accessories are available for use with CSF and urine samples.
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003QuickGel CK and LD Isoenzymes

New visible CK and LD isoenzyme assays are now available for the QuickGel system. Ten samples can be separated simultaneously using the controlled temperature separation of the QuickGel chamber. Up to 20 samples can be run per gel with optional accessories.

CK and LD isoenzyme analysis is well established for documenting myocardial injury and electrophoresis is the reference method. There are fewer false positives, fewer repeat tests, identification of atypicals and visual confirmation of results. CK isoenzymes are separated into MM, MB and BB fractions. LD isoenzymes, separated into traditional five fractions, are useful in diagnosis of pulmonary infarction and hepatic congestion as well as a late marker of myocardial injury.

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